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80 Amp Denso Alternator for TOYOTA (1 Total)

Ref # Karam #13498
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  • Alternator
  • Denso
  • CW
  • 80 Amp
  • 3
  • S5
  • I/R

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Short Notes

TOYOTA CELICA 2.0L 1992-93

Long Notes

This Fits the Toyota Celica 2.0L Turbo. This Looks Like a 13234 (70A) or 13321 (80A), Except There are Long Studs Coming Out of the Back To Support an Air Duct Cover. There is Also a Wiring Harness That Comes Out of the Duct Cover. The Harness Plugs Into the Round Regulator Plug and Then Plugs Into the Car's Harness, Using a Triangular Plug. The 70A 13252 Is Exactly the Same Unit, Except the Wiring Harness That Plugs Into the Round Plug on the Back of the Alternator Has an Oval Plug Where it Plugs Into the Vehicle's Harness. The 13498 Uses NDenso Regulator #126000-1260 (With "Load Response Control"), Whereas the 13252 Uses the Older NDenso #126000-0610 (Without "Load Response Control"). The 13252 and the 13498 Will Interchange Otherwise.
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Make, Model and Submodel Engine Year(s)
1992, 1993