Power-AG Alternators

Power-AG alternators are a heavy-duty, high-output, and durable series of alternators built in a popular frame, suitable for hot and dusty applications.

Power-AG Features

  • Larger internal heat sink with heavy duty diodes that provides for better heat dissipation and higher current capability for superior charging and reliability.
  • Built-in heavy-duty voltage regulator.
  • Low turn-on speed, and better charging at low and high engine RPM.
  • Brush holder design for dusty environments
  • Available with larger bearings for applications with a heavy belt load. Premium sealed bearings.
  • Available in 1-wire hook-up and tachometer or relay drive terminal.
  • Multi-mount configurations
  • Direct fit replacement mounts for most applications.
  • Patented design to allow for larger heat sink & better cooling.

Please call us at 1-888-515-2726 or email us at info@alternatorstarter.com if you would like to order a Power-AG alternator. You can also search our database (by application or Part #) for an alternator or a starter at catalog.alternatorstarter.com.