Mitsubishi Electric


Karam A.L. is proud to be an authorized distributor for Mitsubishi Electric, shipping OE Mitsubishi alternators and starters from both the Canada and U.S. With HD and automotive applications for a wide variety of makes and models, Mitsubishi is an industry leader for starting and charging systems. Please call us at 1-888-515-2726 or email us to place an order.                                                     


Mitsubishi Electric’s automotive alternators include enhanced cooling capability, high-density stator windings, and innovative noise-suppression technologies to give you a quiet alternator with an industry-leading output-to-weight ratio. Mitsubishi HD alternators are built to withstand high heat and vibration and have a brushless design, so you can count on a long life and trouble-free service even with high electrical loads.

To place an order for a Mitsubishi alternator please call us at 1-888-515-2726 or send us an e-mail. Visit our online catalog to search for your part!


Mitsubishi starters are some of the lightest and most compact in the industry, resulting in a lighter vehicle overall and improved fuel efficiency.  They are designed to be highly efficient to draw less battery discharge with every start, so they are long-lasting even with extremely high start-stop rates. With the lowest warranty failure rate in the industry, you can trust your Mitsubishi starter to be long lasting and reliable.

To place an order for a Mitsubishi starter, call us at 1-888-515-2726 or send us an e-mail. Search by part # or application using our online catalog