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65 Amp Denso Alternator for CATERPILLAR (1 Total)

Ref # Karam #12350
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  • Alternator
  • Denso
  • 65 Amp
  • 0
  • I/R

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Short Notes

NOTE: B+ IS 5/16-18 UNC
SEE: 290-447M (65A; 8mm B+)
SEE: 290-447A (50A; 5/16" B+)
SEE: 290-447AM (50A; 8mm B+)
SEE: 290-447B (80A; 8mm B+)
SEE: 290-447C (95A; 8mm B+)

Long Notes

This is a Large "Brushless" Alternator for Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks. The 12V Version is the 12349. The Only Difference in the BOM Between the 101211-8140 (12350; 290-447) and the 101211-8310 (12350M; 290-447M) is the Rectifier - the B+ Terminal in the 12350 is 5/16" While the 12350M is 8mm (And Appears to Be Slightly Longer in Length). All Other Parts Appear Match (According to the BOM).
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CATERPILLAR Track Tractors D7H Cat. 3306